Tips When Attending Trade Shows

Trade shows can be an excellent opportunity for you and your business, whether you are an entrepreneur or you’re representing the company you work for. Thousands of people set up trade show booths and trade show displays across the country at a huge variety of industry events. However, many people don’t know how to take advantage of the opportunities a trade show offers. Some plan on simply attending, setting up their trade show booth, and then staying there all day hoping to attract new business.

Manning a trade show display is only part of the reason you should be attending a trade show. The other vendors at a trade show can provide you with a wealth of new information and contacts in your industry; all accessible in the same room on the same day—this is the unparalleled attraction of a trade show for your business.

If you plan to attend a trade show, make sure you are not the only person there representing your company, even if you are a small business owner with few employees or a sole proprietorship. You will need at least one person to staff your trade show booth, and another to walk the floor taking in the other trade show displays.

If necessary, get your spouse or a good friend to come with you and give them a crash course on how to handle your trade show booth while you check out the other vendors – and only do so when it is slow so you don’t miss important business opportunities. When you make reservations for the hotel you will stay at during the show, try to find a room as close as possible to the actual location—preferably within walking distance. That way, you won’t have to bring anything with you to the venue other than the materials for your trade show display.

Before you attend a trade show, go over the list of vendors who plan to put up trade show booths. Make lists of the vendors you must see, the vendors you would like to see, and those you can live without seeing. You may even be able to schedule appointments with your top priority vendors.

Research the companies and determine ahead of time what you would like to find out from each trade show display and what your goals are regarding each vendor: are they competition, or a potential contact? If they are a potential contact, how would they specifically benefit your company? Have questions ready to ask vendors to save yourself time walking the floor.

Another good time saving strategy is to obtain a map and a directory of the trade show when you arrive on location, before the show begins. Use the map to plan your route, and check your prioritized list of vendors against the directory to find out whether any vendors have been added or dropped out.

During the trade show, be active in your quest for information. Don’t feel bad about passing by trade show booths that don’t interest you. Like you, they are attending the trade show to generate new business, and they don’t want to waste time talking to someone who isn’t a potential customer.

Visit your targeted trade show displays, engage in a dialogue with the vendors, and ask questions. If the trade show booth offers handouts, samples or other materials, take only those you actually want to find out more about. It can be difficult to tote a loose stack of glossy brochures, catalogs, and bulky product samples around a busy trade show floor.

If possible, arm yourself with an empty briefcase or duffel bag to stow materials. Use your time wisely to gather intelligence on your competition and make new industry contacts that will benefit your company.

When the trade show ends, especially if it is a multiple-day event, take the time to make notes and organize the materials you gathered before you leave the event. If you need to mail reports, brochures or other materials to your colleagues, prepare the mailings right away while “who gets what” is still fresh in your mind.

Make sure to store your trade show display safely so nothing is damaged and you can find everything you need the following day. When you return from the trade show, remember to follow up with the contacts you have made—and start preparing for next year’s trade show!

Introduction to Trade Show Exhibits

When you are planning for your next trade show exhibit you should look back to when you were only browsing the many different booths, exhibits, and displays. Remember what type of exhibits got your attention. Your presentation should also draw the crowd.

Before you just rush out and purchase displays for your trade show exhibition you must take into consideration many different aspects of how you desire your presentation to look and feel. You know you want it to speak to the potential customers that are passing by and hopefully bring them over so you can speak with them. Your exhibit must get their attention so will they walk over, and then you can get their undivided attention.

You must first decide which type of exhibit will be the best to present your products, services and your company image. You should also consider your budget. No matter what your budget you can find the perfect trade show exhibits that will convey your message with the image that you want others to see.

The size of your trade show exhibit can either make or break you. If you have one to large, the exhibit will be overwhelming and if you choose one to small it will look overcrowded and cluttered. The most common sizes for trade show exhibits are 10 feet by 10 feet, 20 feet by 20 feet, and 10 feet by 20 feet. Within this size limitation, you must also choose from pop-up designs, panels or complete Truss trade show display booths.

In the 10 feet by 10 feet size, you can find some great displays in various styles and designs. With the Clever 10 foot panel, you can choose from Backlit Header, lights, the color that you prefer for the lower panel and a different one for the upper panel. The benefits of using these panels are that they are sturdy and durable but very lightweight and easy to transport. The average weight of these panels is around 130 pounds.  The Genius I 10 foot panel you can also choose whether you want lights, the counter base color, Counter Laminate Color, the color of the lower panel and the upper panel. The features of this type of panel is that it is a folding panel display system, has 6 upper hinged panels, 6 lower hinged panels, 1 backlit header and lights, 1 alcove counter top and 1 alcove counter base. This wonderful panel is very impressive for all types of displays and normally weighs around 200 pounds.

If you prefer a larger size like the 20 feet by 20 feet, you should like at the features that are included with pop-up displays and Truss display booths. The best pop-up display of this size is the Trilogy 20′ x 20′ Island Pop up Trade Show Display. The features of this unique display are that it is in actuality three trade show booths in one. It has the 10-foot wide back-to-back exhibiting area that creates a triangular or star shape. If gives you the ability to present your products or different aspects of your company all the way around the display. You will also be able to choose the color and fabric that you desire along with a case to counter conversion kit and the colors and fabrics of this kit, lights, shelf package, Backlit Header Package and Reconfiguration Panels. 20 feet by 20 feet Truss booths come in a few unique styles such as the Cassiopeia, which features a steel construction; high shine silver color, 4 tabletops, and the ability to assemble with just four screwdrivers that are included. The Centaurus features the same quality steel construction, the high shine silver color, 24 silver spotlights, and the ability to add tabletops in either light wood or silver in color. The Neptune is sure to grab attention with features like a modular system that is quick and easy to assemble. The Jupiter is another modern and innovative display which gives you great features such as high shine silver color, quality steel construction, 6 tabletops in either light wood or silver, 8 silver spot lights, and easy to assemble with screw drivers that are included. The Vega is similar to other Truss booths but is an eye catching and appealing booth with options for tabletops, colors, and design.

The 10 feet by 20 feet size of displays gives you styles and designs to choose from such as pop-display’s, panels, and Truss booths. All of these also have many unique styles and designs that are sure to aid you in presenting your products, your company, or your services in a manner that is not only unique, stylish and original, but with prices within your budget.

Tips When Displaying at Trade Shows

Almost all products being sold in the market today have already been sold before by their competitors but what makes other products a hit despite their being new in the market? Most entrepreneurs say it is a matter of marketing your products to your target market.

Marketing can be done in various ways depending on the expertise of the marketer. However, one common way to market a new product is through participation in trade shows. Trade shows are held at any time of the year and they do attract buyers and prospective customers.

There are general trade shows but you can choose from niche trade shows depending on your area of business. Companies join trade shows not so much for actual selling but most importantly for showing off their products and for the possibility of getting bulk orders during the trade show.

A company or a sole proprietor planning to join a trade show should take note of the following:

1. Able personnel to man the trade show booth. A trade show is not just an ordinary selling venue but it is a venue where prospective clients abound so make sure that you send your best personnel to man the booth. Some companies take trade shows for granted and allow inept personnel to watch the booth. The people who are put in charge of your trade show booth can make or break your product. A good staff with public relations skill can attract more clients to your products. It is also important to instruct your booth personnel to dress properly depending on the venue of the trade show. Business attire will always be safe.

2. Invite visitors to your booth. The booth personnel must be trained and instructed to invite visitors to the booth. Most visitors walk away from trade show booth when they see the staff busy with their own thing. Tell your staff the main reason why they were assigned to the trade show and that is to get as many visitors to see your products. Booth personnel should be able to answer questions from the visitors because the visitors may already be potential customers. A booth demo will catch the attention of visitors especially if the demo is useful to them.

3. Prepare your brochures, leaflets and business cards and make sure you do not run out of them.  Always expect plenty of people to visit trade shows so never be caught without your marketing tools. Imagine if a potential client asks for your brochure or your card and then you cannot give him anything just because you did not prepare for an influx of people. It is better to have plenty of left over marketing materials after the show rather than miss the opportunity of showing off what you have to offer.

4. Keep a visitors’ book. Most companies who join trade shows require visitors who get their free marketing materials to sign up in a guestbook. However, only a few of these companies will communicate with the people who signed in their guestbook. Be creative and use the guestbook as a sourcebook for potential clients. The people who visited your booth and who got your materials are definitely interested in your products or else they will not even glance at your booth. Why not take advantage of their contact information?  Mail them a thank you letter along with more information about the product and where they can buy the products.

5. Promote your products but do not be too pushy. Visitors are often turned off by very eager booth personnel who call out to the visitors using their loudest voice. No one would want to visit your booth if your personnel are boisterous. Allow the visitors to go inside your booth and look at the items you have on display but always keep a welcoming smile. Entertain their questions and try to respond to them accordingly. Never shout your words of welcome to the visitors since they might feel defensive all of a sudden and decide against looking at your products.

Anatomy Of A Successful Trade Show Exhibit

A trade show, also known as a merchandise show or market week, is an exhibition or a business gathering organized by companies that showcase and demonstrate their new products and services and also their latest offerings. Trade shows also provide opportunities for companies to meet their customers, to learn new trends and to identify new prospects.

Trade shows are not open to the public and can only be attended by company representatives, members of the trade and members of the press. One advantage of holding a trade show is that it shortens the time it takes for companies to look for prospective customers. But the major disadvantage is that customers and prospects pay little attention to the many exhibitors and their products due to the many distractions and the busy atmosphere inherent in trade shows.

Exhibitors can make effective use of trade show displays in trade shows to direct visitors to their main display area. Trade show displays are used to give visitors a better understanding or appreciation of the products or services being marketed. Although exhibitors are only supposed to put their trade show displays within the confines of their designated trade show exhibit area, exhibitors also display items in strategic areas of the fair grounds. Trade show displays often used include banner stands, counters and cabinets, panel display etc. that clearly display the company logo, basic company information and company slogan.

The trade show booth is an important component of the trade show display as it aims to enhance the brand and marketing experience for the visitor. It facilitates valuable direct face-to-face contact between the companies and their prospective customers. The whole booth set-up includes counters kiosks, lighting, flooring, literature racks, banner stands and high impact graphics, with the booth design, the staffing and the handouts the main factors to a successful trade show booth.

Many companies prefer to rent pre-owned trade show exhibits and displays rather than to buy or to create them from scratch to save on the trade show booth construction costs and also on the expense of warehousing the displays after the trade show is over.

Trade shows demand a lot of work and effort, and exhibitors have to plan well in advance so as to make the trade show a success. It is because any successful trade show offers exhibitors with a very valuable opportunity to build relationships face-to-face with their clients and to close lucrative business deals.

After a series of strategic planning meetings over a two-year period, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research Board of Directors is realigning its resources to focus more clearly on the mission of the organization: producing industry-leading research on the exhibitions and events industry.

As a result, CEIR will not only work more closely with International Association of Exhibitions and Events™ to produce forward-looking research in collaboration with the CEIR Research Committee, but also CEIR President Brian Casey will be stepping down in January.

“I am honored to have led CEIR for the last three years,” said Brian Casey, CEM. “Over that period we have updated the CEIR Census, which is the basis for the CEIR Index and responded to many press calls from trade and business media requesting data. CEIR has been able to provide data to destination marketing organizations and convention centers to justify new builds and expansions. We launched a new website with a new look and better functionality, including adding an Event Performance Analyzer and an Economic Impact Calculator tool.”

He added, “A new blog has also recently launched with industry thought leaders contributing their insights on where the industry is headed. Perhaps my proudest accomplishment is producing three very successful CEIR Predict Conferences, with the 2016 event holding the largest attendance, the proceeds of which help to fund research. Working with CEIR has been a very good run for me.”

CEIRF Chairperson of the Board of Directors Aaron Bludworth, CEO of Fern said, “Brian’s background in the exhibitions and events industry and his fresh approach have brought CEIRF’s research to a higher level. We will miss him in this role and we wish the best for him.”
The intention of this overall organizational shift, according to CEIR officials, “is to simplify governance, fundraising and administrative responsibilities.”

Also with IAEE, CEIR plans to grow existing relationships with related industry organizations and continue producing CEIR Predict, the industry’s annual outlook conference.

CEIRF will remain a nonprofit 501(c)3 foundation with the Chairperson-Elect of IAEE serving as the Chairperson of the CEIR Foundation Board of Directors.

CEIR’s Research Director Nancy Drapeau will remain in the position and she will continue to work with the CEIR Research Committee to identify research needs and conduct research. A 2017 calendar of research has been developed with the first study being released in Q1 2017.
IAEE Executive Vice President and COO Cathy Breden, CAE, CMP will add the title of CEO of the CEIR Foundation and she will be responsible for driving CEIR’s future strategy.

Breden has worked with CEIR since 2006 and has been with IAEE since 1995. A CEIR Project Manager will be hired to work with Breden, Drapeau and other staff.

IAEE Chairperson Julie Smith, CEM, CTA said, “We are honored to have been entrusted with the CEIR Foundation and we are committed to continuing the excellent work and valuable research CEIR produces. We have the perfect person to assume the CEO role of the foundation. The IAEE Board of Directors, IAEE President and CEO David DuBois, Cathy and I are all confident that this realignment will only enhance the mission of CEIR into the future.”

Tarsus Group Buys 80-percent Stake in Connect Meetings

December 5, 2016
Rachel Wimberly

Rachel Wimberly is president and editor-in-chief of Trade Show News Network. Follow her on Twitter – TSNN_Rachel.

U.K.-based Tarsus Group made its second recent major acquisition by scooping up 80 percent of the issued share capital of Connect Meetings, a market-leading U.S. business travel and meetings event organizer headquartered in Atlanta.

Connect Meetings is a provider of trade shows that serve the business travel and meetings sector through a combination of national, regional and vertically focused events that are supplemented by an integrated media offering and additional marketing solutions.

“Connect Meetings is a strong brand, led by an entrepreneurial team with a track record of delivering exceptional growth,” said Tarsus Group Managing Director Douglas Emslie.

He added, “There is a great opportunity to quicken that growth further by expansion and replication within the US and other selected territories and to launch into new verticals. I would like to warmly welcome the Connect Meetings team on board.”

Connect Meetings has developed and manages a series of events across the U.S. held throughout the year that bring together meeting professionals and planners with suppliers to the business travel and meetings sector in what is known as a ‘reverse’ trade show format.

The meetings are arranged on an invitation-only and appointment-based, which deliver efficiencies for both suppliers and planners.

Connect Meetings live events (or Marketplaces) bring together a curated group of meeting planners with suppliers, including destination marketers, hotels, convention centers and technology providers, for a series of appointment-based discussions to drive business development leading to transactions in the short-term.

Connects’ largest event – Connect Marketplace – is next on tap Aug. 21-23 in New Orleans.

Business travel spending continues to rise in the U.S. and has increased from $234million in 2009 to an estimated $310 million in 2017, a compound growth rate of 4.3 percent.

This growth has been supported by strong expansion in hotel stock and growth in U.S. GDP during the period. The board expects this dynamic to support the growth of the business.

Connect 2016 Marketplaces – a combination of national, regional and vertically-focused events – are expected to have brought together 6,000-plus suppliers/planners and have resulted in more than 85,000 pre-set appointments.

Connect Meetings current CEO, Chris Collinson, will remain in place, with an intention that he stay with the business in the long term. 

Connect Meetings’ established senior management team also will be retained as part of the acquisition.

“Following the recent acquisition of Intex in China, which brought two world-class exhibitions into the Group – Music China and CES Asia, we are delighted to be acquiring Connect Meetings in the U.S.,” Emslie said.

He added, “The U.S. and China are two of the world’s largest exhibition markets and both are a key area of focus for Tarsus. These acquisitions tick all of the boxes of our Quickening the Pace strategy. We are also pleased to have acquired Connect Meetings as companies of this size and quality are increasingly difficult to find.”

Tackling Diversity in the Marketing World

December 3, 2016
Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi considers himself the poster boy for content marketing. Founder of the]]> Content Marketing Institute]]>, Joe evangelizes content marketing around the world through keynotes, articles, tweets and his books.

In December 2014, I was invited to give a keynote talk at a digital marketing event in Europe. There were 15 speakers. All white men.

When I realized that all the education and training was being provided by only white men, I actually became physically ill. Simply put, it felt wrong to be part of an event like this.

Have you ever experienced something that made you look at the world in a different way?

Well, for me, that event was it.

Upon arriving back at the office, I was compelled to examine my personal behavior. At that time, I was in planning mode for Content Marketing World 2015 (I’m responsible for the agenda each year). I went to the 2014 speaker list and performed a simple speaker count.

• 120 men (70%)

• 51 women (30%)

• 9 people of color (5%)

There’s nothing like seeing your personal bias on paper. Ouch!

You either believe what you think or you question it. There’s no other choice.  – Byron Katie

Male privilege

From my standpoint, we always went out and found the best experts on the planet and rocked an amazing Content Marketing World. But in truth, I went out and found the best experts in my network … and my network was made up of mostly white men.

Male privilege was alive and well, and living inside me. Tin Geber perhaps says it best:

My male privilege happened. Or, more precisely, my lack of recognition of the fact that male privilege is real, and it favors me and others like me. No matter if we want it or not … The amount of knowledge I can reach, the wealth of insight I can gain, the quality of skills I can count on … they are all filtered by implicit bias. It’s not only gender either: race, language, culture, and other superficial differences can effectively block us in echo chambers … And of course, as biases do, the gender bias is a self-affirming closed loop: the more it remains unchecked, the more it tightens the screws on its own casket.

Recognition of the Problem

After that moment, I began to notice things (or maybe not ignore things) for the first time, especially the lack of speaker diversity at events I attended. This probably won’t surprise you, but most of the people who own and run marketing events worldwide are white men. It was like a bunch of “me’s” out there living in a white male world.

It was also the first time that I believed we were doing a disservice to the audience at Content Marketing World. To create the best possible attendee experience, it is our responsibility to get expertise and experiences from everywhere we possibly can. If we didn’t, the attendees would see a limited view as to what was really going on in marketing and communication. A lack of diversity was a falsehood that we were helping to project.

In 2015, we did better:

• 137 men (63%)

• 82 women (37%)

• 12 people of color (5.7%)

But yet, still pretty sad.

That year, and into 2016, I committed to going further outside of my network. I made an effort to get more of the CMI staff involved in the speaker selection process (70% of the CMI team are women). I increased my research into diverse speakers, watching more female speakers and speakers of color while traveling to other events, and started to open up and talk more about these issues with the members of the CMI team. We could no longer simply rely on voluntary speaker submissions (70% of speaker submissions come from men … surprise, surprise).

Here were the numbers for 2016:

• 86 men (55%)

• 70 women (45%)

• 14 people of color (9%)

After adding sponsor speakers (speakers selected by session sponsor), the final numbers were:

• 110 men (57%)

• 83 women (43%)

• 15 people of color (7.7%)

Was this better? Yes, absolutely. Was it good? Not good enough.

At the same time, we performed a competitive analysis of the speakers at three large, independent marketing events. Here’s what we found:

• Event 1: 64% male; 7.4% people of color

• Event 2: 67% male; 4.4% people of color

• Event 3: 72% male; 10.5% people of color

The problem was (and is) rampant.

What are we doing about it?

Two weeks after Content Marketing World 2016, Robert Rose and I discussed the issue on our podcast This Old Marketing. I simply asked for the audience’s opinion and said that my goal was to listen and then adapt.

Up to that point, Robert and I had produced almost 150 episodes and we never received as much feedback about any other topic. It was simply amazing.

In one particularly effective response, Meghan P. had this to say:

Don’t hide the ball.

“First thing that came to mind was that study where women will apply for a job if they think they’re 100% qualified; men will apply if they think they’re 60% qualified. You have to make explicit the things that are implicitly taught to white men 

Make it clear in your call for speakers exactly what you are looking for, including guidance on how to write a presentation and pitch it. You may even consider running a small workshop and/or webinar series on creating and pitching sessions.

Put yourself in a position to listen and adapt

You don’t just want women and minorities standing up there parroting the same thing that white men would be saying. If you want diversity in the faces, then you have to be OK with diversity in the stories and approaches.

Be completely unapologetic.

I am absolutely thrilled that you guys are doing this. There is no need to apologize or hedge on this. I heard some backpedaling [on the podcast] on calling it an “issue.” It is an issue. It’s kind of embarrassing that more people aren’t reaching out the way you are. If there are white men who are offended by your reaching out on this, then that is their issue, not yours.”

I can’t thank Meghan and the rest of the community enough for this incredible feedback.

Right now, here is what we are doing about this issue.

1. Listen – We don’t have all the answers. I’m asking for your feedback to help me (and us) with this effort. Please comment below or feel free to email me directly at (if you want your comments to remain private).

2. Collaborate – We are working with other marketing events such as Content Jam andInteract Ohio to help surface speaking talent. We are reaching out to a number of other marketing and technology events to help find, work with, and promote talent we are not yet aware of. If you have an event and are interested, please let me know.

3. Reach out – As I stated, I’m actively reaching out to a number of women and people of color to help me in this effort. At this point, I simply cannot get enough perspective and feedback on this issue.

Perhaps the most tangible thing we are doing, CMI has recruited a team of experts to assist in this effort, including Lisa Welchman, Ann Handley, Tequia Burt, and Tamsen Webster (each of them thankfully reviewed this post). They, along with the CMI team (and others), are developing a pool of speakers that will help us reach our goals.

We believe this is a two-pronged effort.  First, there are women and people of color already out there who are amazing, accomplished speakers. We need to stop ignoring them. Second, there are talented marketing experts that may want to speak, but have, to this point, not reached out to us. We want to reach these people as potential speakers as well.

If you would like to recommend someone to speak at Content Marketing World, or would like to nominate yourself, please use this submission form. I also developed a short video you can watch so you can hear exactly what we are looking for.

In closing, we are going to make mistakes. I already know we don’t have it “just” right. That’s why we need your help. And as this article states, “Small wins are everything.” As we continue to get more feedback and more people involved in this program, we will make a difference in not only our events, in not only the content marketing industry, but in the entire marketing and advertising industry.

CMI is proud to be a leading voice in this industry … and we need to continue to show it. And it starts right now.

This article first appeared on the Content Marketing Institute ]]>HERE]]>

Shepard Expands Capabilities with Launch of Audio Visual Services

December 2, 2016
Rachel Wimberly

Rachel Wimberly is president and editor-in-chief of Trade Show News Network. Follow her on Twitter – TSNN_Rachel.

Shepard, a trade show services and event production company, has launched Shepard Audio Visual Services to add to its growing line of offerings.

“In order to increase customer satisfaction, it is our responsibility to grow our offering with new and innovative services,” said Carl Mitchell, Shepard’s executive chairman.

He added, “We are committed to making investments that will enhance and streamline the planning process for the events we serve.”

Industry veteran and AV expert Stuart Danneman has joined the Shepard team as vice president of audio visual services to spearhead the launch and integration of the new offering.

AV is the second major service expansion Shepard has announced this quarter, the first being Production and Entertainment Services.

Providing what they call a “fresh, consultative approach to the AV experience”, the Shepard team said it plans to collaborate with show organizers and exhibitors to develop customized AV plans to suit their unique needs.

The service will utilize the latest in equipment and technology, innovative techniques, and expert crews to supply each customer with an industry-leading service.

This strategic expansion, combined with Production and Entertainment, provides Shepard customers with a full complement of services making them a single-source solution for all their event needs, according to Shepard officials.

Danneman has 30 years of experience in the AV industry, providing services to tradeshows, conferences and events.

He has held sales and operational management positions in four nationally recognized AV companies. 

Prior to joining Shepard, Danneman spent 21 years with a leading AV provider, where he was responsible for more than 20 national touring productions for corporate clients, associations and trade shows.

“I have been working with Shepard for most of my professional career; I am excited to lead the launch of this service for a company I already feel a part of,” Danneman said.

Informa and Zhanye Form a Joint Venture to Launch WOC Asia

December 1, 2016

Informa Beijing and Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd have formed a joint venture, Shanghai Yingye Exhibition Co., Ltd, to launch the World of Concrete Asia, which will showcase a full range of products from the World of Concrete, China Floor Expo (CFE) and China Mortar Expo (CME) brands.

The new partnership will begin from the next edition of CFE/CME fairs on, which will be held Dec. 4-6, 2017, in the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

The joint venture will expand the brand’s international reach and expand these leading construction and material industry trade shows in China and Asia.
World of Concrete Las Vegas is an annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries.

Featuring indoor and outdoor exhibits with the industry’s leading suppliers showcasing innovative products and technologies, exciting demonstrations and competitions, and world-class education programs.

 In 2016, the exhibition drew 60,110 registered professionals, and featured more than 1,532 companies exhibiting across 150,000 square meters of space. The next event will be held Jan. 17-20 in Las Vegas. Other global events include World of Concrete India, and World of Concrete Europe.
“We are very excited by this partnership with Zhanye.  The combination of CFE, CME and the World of Concrete brands will make this a must-attend event for the construction marketplace for the domestic China and wider Asia markets,” said Tom Cindric, vice president – Construction & Real Estate, Informa Exhibitions. 

He added, “WOCA will showcase the latest developments across the globe on many aspects of concrete and construction technology that are applicable to the country and the region.”
CFE and CME are long-standing exhibitions in the construction and building materials industries in China and will attract more than 700 exhibitors in 34,500 square meters of exhibit space this year at the SNIEC, with a 40-percent increase, compared with last year, and 35,000 visitors are expected. 

“We are happy to form this strong collaboration with Zhanye. We believe, by merging our expertise in exhibitions and construction, and the local influence Zhanye has in the flooring and mortar industries in the country, the new concept fair will expand rapidly in the near future.” said David Bondi, COO – Asia, Informa Exhibitions.

In addition to adding more international exhibitors and visitors to the existing product categories, the cooperation will also expand the product offerings.

Jerry Zhou, founder of Zhanye, said he also is delighted by the creation of the joint venture. 

“Informa is one of the leading exhibition organisers in the world. Bringing them on board will help to upgrade the show concept and boost the fairs’ overseas profile,” he added, stating the organisers have already received positive feedback from exhibitors regarding being part of the World of Concrete exhibition family.
The first China Floor Expo was launched in 2004, and is the leading trade show focusing on floor industry in China. China Mortar Expo was launched in 2005, and has grown to be the largest and most influential trade show on building mortar, pre-mixed mortar and has attracted many world-renowned brands as long-term partners.

The continuous progress of urbanization pushed by the Chinese government has lad to a growing investment in public infrastructure and commercial projects across the country.

China is becoming the main driving force for new construction materials and technologies.

Cvent and Lanyon Merge to Form Mega Company

November 30, 2016

Cvent and Lanyon Solutions, providers of cloud-based enterprise event management technology solutions, merged their two companies creating a global meeting, event and travel technology leader. 

The merger is effective immediately, and the companies will combine business operations in the coming year.

Vista Equity Partners, owner of Lanyon, has completed its previously announced acquisition of all outstanding Cvent common stock for $36.00 per share in a transaction valued at approximately $1.65 billion.

The combined company will be privately held and operate under the Cvent brand. Reggie Aggarwal, Cvent’s founder and CEO, has been named the CEO of the new combined company. 

David Bonnette, CEO of Lanyon, will work with the management team through the transition to a single company. 

The headquarters for the combined company will be in Tysons Corner, Va., with a significant office presence in Lanyon’s former headquarters in Dallas. 

“We celebrate two new milestones today as we formally join the Vista family and merge with our highly-regarded peer, Lanyon,” said Reggie Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Cvent. 

He added, “Combined under the Cvent umbrella, and with Vista’s powerful backing, we will draw on our decades of experience to push the boundaries of event technology innovation and remain focused on delivering outstanding technology, capabilities and service to the events industry.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Cvent to our portfolio of high-performing software companies,” said Brian Sheth, co-founder and president of Vista. 

He added, “There is an incredible opportunity to upgrade and expand the technology in the enormous and largely untapped meetings and events industry. With the leadership of Cvent’s highly-successful management team, working with our experienced Lanyon team, we are bullish on our ability to seize the green field opportunity ahead and remain the market leader in this segment.”

During the past two decades, Lanyon and Cvent have delivered some of the most innovative and successful technology solutions addressing the needs of event planners, marketers, and hoteliers. These solutions cover the full spectrum of the event lifecycle including event management, strategic meetings management, sourcing solutions for both transient and group business, room block management, and mobile and onsite solutions. 

Aggarwal added, “Cvent is a growth company chasing an enormous opportunity ahead of it. Our employees have been the DNA of our success and we’re excited to add the talent, experience, and the products of the Lanyon team.”

Combined, the companies have more than 800 technology professionals and more than 700 customer-facing support staff. 

As the undisputed market leader with approximately 28,000 customers in 100 countries and having powered more than 2 million events and sourced over $50 billion total RFP value through their sourcing networks, the new Cvent will continue to drive technology innovation while providing customers with world-class levels of support for all Cvent and Lanyon solutions. 

New TSNN Research Report Released – The Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales Best Practices Study

November 30, 2016

TSNN and Access Intelligence Research have released the second report in its TSNN Research series: The Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales Best Practices Study: How Leading Convention & Exhibition Producers are Selling More Exhibit Space and Sponsorship Opportunities.

TSNN and Access Intelligence Research have developed this exclusive industry study to help convention and exhibition producers analyze and benchmark their exhibit space and sponsorship sales and marketing strategies.

The focus of the study is on the most effective strategies and tactics, and other related topics and metrics. The report provides results from a survey of leading convention and exhibition producers.

Event producers and planners representing many of the leading associations, exhibition producers and corporate event planners in North America responded to the survey.

“With more and more exhibitors taking a hard look at the ROI of taking part in events, this study gives valuable insight on how trade show organizers are working to more effectively partner with companies who invest in being at their events,” said TSNN President Rachel Wimberly.

Some of the key areas covered in the survey include:

• How Exhibitors and Sponsors are Changing • Exhibit Sales Approaches and Benchmarks • Sales Team Management • How Sponsorships Models are Changing • Biggest Challenges and Opportunities.

To add additional analysis, the findings are broken out separately for associations and compared to for-profit exhibition organizers.

A number of major corporate meetings with exhibits and sponsors are included in the “All Respondents” category throughout the report.

To purchase The Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales Best Practices Study, please click HERE.

Other key findings from the report included that exhibitors are asking more questions about who attends the event they already exhibit at or are interested in.

“Exhibitors are asking more questions regarding the value of participating in the show. We are responding by getting more information regarding the audience, endorsements from current exhibitors, and sharing post survey results.” – said President with leading association and event management company.

Interestingly, the total exhibitor and sponsor related revenue breakouts are very similar when comparing associations and for-profits.

 Both types of organizations say 70% of their total exhibitor and sponsor revenue is attributed to exhibit space, and 26% comes from sponsorships.

Another survey finding was that 79% of respondents said providing audience demographics was the top value proposition in selling exhibit space.

As a Sponsorships Director with leading medical association mentioned in the survey, “exhibitors and sponsors are looking for greater exposure, more face-to-face opportunities with members and more exclusivity.”

The Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales Best Practices Study is the second report released in TSNN’s Research Division.

The first report – Attendee Marketing & Audience Development Trends & Best Practices Study – takes a deep dive look into what’s working and what’s not in attracting and retaining attendees at shows. To order this report, please click HERE.

For more information on the TSNN Research division and more reports that will be released in 2017, please visit TSNN Research. 

Trade Show Industry Continues to Grow Modest 1.9 Percent in Third Quarter

November 29, 2016

The trade show industry continues to grow, even if it’s slightly, according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research’s latest Q3 CEIR Index results.  

The third quarter posted a moderate year-on-year gain of 1.9 percent in the third quarter of 2016, compared with 1.6 percent in the second quarter.

Faster growth was primarily attributable to a rebound in attendees and it also marked the 25th consecutive quarter of year-on-year growth. In addition, the industry has continued to outperform the macroeconomy for seven quarters straight.

“Improvement in exhibition performance amidst economic and presidential election uncertainties demonstrates strength in the exhibition industry,” said CEIR Economist Allen Shaw, Ph.D., Chief Economist for Global Economic Consulting Associates, Inc.

The strong year-on-year growth in Discretionary Consumer Services, Medical and Health Care and Transportation more than offset the weakness in Industrial/Heavy Machinery and Finished Business Inputs and Raw Materials and Science.

All exhibition metrics in the third quarter posted positive year-on-year gains. Net square feet, exhibitors and real revenues (nominal revenues adjusted for inflation) rose slightly more than 2.0 percent, whereas attendees posed a modest increase of 1.1 percent.

The latter compares to a decline of 0.2 percent in the second quarter. Weakness in energy sector investments due to low oil prices remained a drag on oil related exhibitions.

However, the strong showing in attendance of Transportation, Medical and Health Care and Building, Construction, Home & Repair more than made up for the decline in oil-related exhibitions.

“Our third quarter report continues to deliver an encouraging message that our industry is both growing and remains relevant across so many sectors,” said CEIR President and CEO Brian Casey, CEM.

He added, “The revised GDP growth rate for the third quarter of this year looks to exceed 3 percent, which offers a glimpse at a continued positive path for the exhibition industry. We continue to maintain a favorable outlook for the coming year as well, which should be good for everyone’s business.”

BIOMEDevice San Jose to Welcome Cyborg Foundation Co-founder Neil Harbisson as 2016 Keynote Speaker

November 28, 2016

BIOMEDevice San Jose, collocated with Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Silicon Valley to bring together the engineering and medtech industries, unveiled that Neil Harbisson, cyborg activist and Cyborg Foundation co-founder, will take the keynote stage to deliver a presentation surrounding biological evolution via cybernetic technology.

BIOMEDevice San Jose and ESC Silicon Valley will take place Dec. 6-8 at the San Jose (Calif.) Convention Center.

Harbisson is the co-founder of the Cyborg Foundation, an international organization that promotes the use of cybernetics as a body part to extend human senses and perception and aims to help humans become cyborgs, defend cyborg rights and promote cyborgism as a social and artistic movement.

He is best known for having an antenna implanted in his skull that allows him to perceive colors that are outside human vision such as infrareds and ultraviolets, and is the first person to be officially recognized as a human cyborg by the government.

Harbisson’s artworks investigate the relationship between color and sound, experiment the boundaries of human perception, and explore the use of artistic expression via sensory extensions. 

His keynote presentation, The Art and Science of Extending Perception through Cybernetic Technology, will explore how taking an active part in our own biological evolution is no longer a theory, but an option.

Harbisson will touch on how becoming technology, instead of using or wearing technology, opens up the possibility of having additional organs and senses beyond the ones confined to our species.

 ccording to Harbisson, by merging ourselves with technology we can become the designers of our own body and perception, thereby increasing our survival possibilities in earth and outer space, which poses the question:  Are we witnessing the renaissance of our species?

“We’re thrilled to welcome a professional as dedicated and knowledgeable about bio technology as Neil,” said Nina Brown, vice president of Events for the Advanced Manufacturing Portfolio, UBM. “His work is constantly pushing industry boundaries and inviting the world to explore different ideas and perspectives related to how our bodies work and evolve. Our attendees will be hearing from a true industry pioneer who has dedicated his life to advancing the human body.”

Fresh Produce Association Rebrands Events to United FreshTEC and United FreshMKT

November 28, 2016
Rachel Wimberly

Rachel Wimberly is president and editor-in-chief of Trade Show News Network. Follow her on Twitter – TSNN_Rachel.

United Fresh, the association for the fresh produce industry, will not only expand its innovation platform, but also it will move its annual conference and expo June 13-15 into the larger West Hall at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

The event will debut new expo features in convenience and fresh foods, robotics and supply chain technology, and conference sessions bringing attendees and exhibitors together with subject matter experts to help grow their businesses. 

“We’re excited to launch a new format and programs in 2017 to serve specific needs in the fresh produce industry, segmenting the event into United FreshTEC and United FreshMKT,” said President and CEO Tom Stenzel.

He added, “These new branded events respond to the innovation driving our industry in marketing and product development, but also in new technology, robotics and other supply chain solutions. Moving beyond simple workshop tracks, attendees will find value in separately focused educational and expo events that address the unique needs of each sector, helping to drive collaboration and growth.”

John Toner, vice president, convention and industry collaboration, said  the new branding wasn’t “so much a change, but a refreshment.”

He added, “We have previously had two co-located expos Fresh Marketplace and FreshTech, but have taken a back seat to the United Fresh branding in recent years.  We are changing course in this era of highly personalized content and “what’s in it for me?”  We still offer the United Convention who want to come to their association – but we are re-branding to attract new audiences given the changing marketplace.”

He said the re-branding was unveiled United BrandstormTM Conference in San Francisco – the “who’s who of fresh produce marketers.” 

Toner added that so far, feedback has been “overwhelming positive, it’s going to really help us drive growth as we can now clearly identify audiences.”

The day before the expos open, a separate FreshMKT Conference and FreshTEC Conference will allow attendees to focus on the specific business challenges and opportunities in each sector.

Then, on June 14-15, the traditional trade show will be more clearly defined between the FreshMKT Expo and the FreshTEC Expo, each featuring unique exhibits, demonstration areas, thought-leader collaboration space and events designed for each specific business sector.

“The Joint General Session that includes the Global Cold Chain Expo and International Floriculture Exposition is going to be really cool – and is included in the trade show fee – so we are looking to turn out thousands of attendees that can be our brands ambassadors in the future,” Toner said.